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This expresses the habitualness which is thought it continues up to the future from the present, and the present tense is used. The habitualness usually means a repeated act.

a. Mary walks to school every day.
b. He usually gets up early in the morning.
c. She teaches piano at a junior high school.

Like the above, the action verbs are usually used in the habitual usage because of the repeated act. The action verbs express acts naturally. (The verbs have two kinds roughly, the action verb and the stative verb. These verbs are explained in the chapter 6 with the progressive form.)

Moreover, the habitualness is often used with some durative adverbials like "every day" in (10a) and frequent adverbials like "usually" in (10b). (10c) does not have such a adverbial, but it is obvious she usually teaches at school.

a. I spend most of my time working while my wife spends the money shopping.
b. She is a very talented woman. She plays the violin in an orchestra.

The above is the same. (11a) means the husband's life and (11b) means her usual activity.

Time feeling

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