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-A cat sat on the grass beside the fountain. We could hear laughter.-

"There you are, Sherry," when I looked at the door, an elderly cat was sitting there.
"Hello, Bronx."

Everyone respects Bronx. He is kept by the professor of veterinary science and lives in a house near to the university.

"Is this seat taken?" Bronx asked with a smile. Of course there aren't seats.
"No, it's not." I answered with a smile too. He sat beside me.
"In case you didn't know, yesterday evening, Pina was taken."
"Pina? She was taken … the veterinary clinic!"

The veterinary clinic in affiliation with the university is in the campus. It is the building next to the veterinary science building. It's famous around here.

Today's points

-The point 1-

A cat sat on the grass beside the fountain.

This "beside" is similar to "near." But it is more near and it also means next to someone. Thus, if some distance is felt, "near" is used.

Hello, Mr. Collins.
Let's go to the restaurant for lunch near here.
Where is Sherry?
He is sitting beside the window.

Hello, Pina.
Hello, Sherry.
I saw Rickey. He was walking beside students.
They'll go to the restaurant for lunch near to the campus.

Like the above, "beside" means walking side by side.
Moreover, "near" is often used with "to." But it is not used with "here", "near here" is used.

By the way, the form of "beside" is similar to "besides." It is only added "s", but the meaning is different, it means other than something or in addition to.

What's the matter?
I'm under the weather. I drank two glasses of wine besides a bottle of sake.

Let's go to see the movie.
Okay. What movies do you want to see?
I want to see Episode 3.
Star Wars? Me too.
Besides Star Wars, I want to see Nana.
It is a Japanese movie.

You will come to the party, won't you?
How many people will you come besides you?
Robert will come.

-The point 2-

There you are, Sherry.

"There you are." means we find someone there, thus it is used while looking for.

There you are. I've been looking for you.
Sorry, I've lost my way.

-The point 3-

Is this seat taken?

"Seat" is the space to sit. "Is this seat taken?" means do you know this seat is taken or not? If we find the seat no one sit, it is used.

If we are asked with this and when we answer "Yes.", it means the seat has already taken. If the seat is free, we say "No."

It's crowded today.
It's the popular movie.
Excuse me. Are these seats taken?
No, go ahead.

"Is this seat vacant?" is also used. But "vacant" means the seat is free. Thus, if the seat is free, we say "Yes" unlike the above.

-Point 4.-

In case you didn't know, yesterday evening, Pina was taken.

"In case …" means we think it is bad to continue "…" or we have to change "…" into another situation. Thus, "In case you didn't know" is used as we want to change the situation of "you didn't know", and we tell you something.

"You didn't know" is seen as the past but it is the present meaning. This is the subjunctive mood.
About it, we can see in Page 27.

In case you didn't know, your teacher is sick in bed.
Really? That's too bad.

Hello, Libre.
Hello, Buttered.
In case you didn't know, Fiona's keeper is going to move out.
Is that true?
Where is she going to move?
She is going to move to West Park Town.
West Park Town?
Yes. It is a long way from here. Maybe … about 30 kilos.

"You don't know" can be used instead of "you didn't know." But the subjunctive mood is deleted and this expression becomes the direct expression.

Moreover, "in case" means possibility to happen something, so when we put another sentence to prepare for it, it means we do something or we do not anything to prepare for the event which is expressed by "in case."

Do you go out today?
I'll be in the room today in case it rains.

Why don't you eat out tonight?
It sounds interesting. But I don't want to go out.
Why is that?
My younger sister has a fever. I have to stay home tonight in case she gets worse.

Hello, Libre.
Hello, Sherry.
What's the matter? You look a little down.
I hear Fiona is going to move out. Buttered told me that.
You must talk to her in case she can't come here.
… okay. Thank you, Sherry.

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