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4.1.2. The future expression in English
It needs to use the past tense and the present perfect form properly in English, and it also needs to use the forms properly with the future expression forms. See the following future expression.

a. The present tense
b. The present progressive form (PrPro)
c. Be going to
d. Will/shall
e. Will/shall with the progressive form

There are also "be to" and "be about to" etc., but they can be considered as the main future expression.

Now, as mentioned above, the future expression is five but the time representation is two. The two time representation is shown one more below.



If the five future expression is classified into the two, (2a), (2b) and (2c) are parallel to (3a), and (2d) and (2e) are parallel to (3b).

Moreover, as mentioned above in the previous section, (3a) has stronger relationship than (3b), that is, it can be called the three forms, from (2a) to (2c), are the near future, and then the two forms, (2d) and (2e), are the far future.

This text uses the two, and they are explained in the next section.

Time feeling

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