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 Stative and Characteristic
This expresses a state and a character in the present, that is, the speaker expresses something to feel or see as it is.

a. My house stands on the hill.
b. John resembles his father very closely.
c. This shirt feels really soft.

In the above, (3a) is house existence in the present, (3b) is the present thought and (3c) is the present perception.

a. I'll go to bed now. I feel exhausted.
b. Do you smell gas?
c. The air smells of the sea.

The above is the same. The verbs, "feel", "smell" or "hear" are the perception verb. These means the speaker has the present perceptions.

a. I like English better than any other subject.
b. I believe that she is kind.

The above is also the same. For example, (5a) means the speaker likes English and it is the present thought, that is, the speaker's favorite subject is English now.

Time feeling 01

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