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5.2.1. The durative 1
This expresses the durative act, and the action verbs are used.

(1) I baked some bread.

The above is the past tense and means completive, that is, the bread was done. It can also be called the point. See the following figure.


The red circle is the act. The next is the past progressive form (PaPro).

(3) I was baking some bread.

The above expresses the some duration. see the following figure.


The red line means the durative act. The point as the past tense is extended to the line as PaPro.

Time sensation cut

Now, the above is PaPro, the present progressive form (PrPro) and the future progressive form (FuPro) are seen as follows.

a. Present progressive form

b. Future progressive form

In both of them, the acts are changed into the line. That is to say, we pay attention to the point of the act and extend it. That is also explained with the usage of the speaker's irritation. This is in the next section.

Time sensation cut

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