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4.1. The near future

The future expression has the near future and the far future. Both of them express the future events. The speaker's feeling chooses a form. This is similar to that of the past tense and the present perfect form (PrPF). But this is not strictly classified. For example, definite time adverbials can not be co-occurred with PrPF but it is possible to be put in both of the future expressions. Because the past is passed time and the future is indefinite time.

Now, do you know the differences between the near future and the far future.
The near future means "we can find a cause or a plan in the present", but the far future means that is not seen, that is , the speaker's thought on the spot.

See the following figure of the near future.


The red circle is the event which is put in the future because of the future event. The blue line which means the speaker's feeling expresses the mental contact with the future event because s/he feels the cause or the plan in the present. The meaning of the blue line is explained in the next section.

Time sensation cut

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