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4.1.3. The future expression of "be going to"
"Be going to" is often used. Its meaning is similar to the present progressive form (PrPro) explained in the previous section. A cause or a plan of the event is in both forms. PrPro has the arrangement meaning but "be going to" often has the intention.

a. I am going to go to Germany next week.
b. I am going to give up smoking.

We find the cause or the plan in the above. For example, we can not use (7a), if we do not have the cause in the present, moreover, we have the intention in it. And the speaker's intention to stop smoking is in (7b), if not, we can not use it.

Now, it is similar to PrPro, but PrPro has the arrangement. See the following examples.

a. It is going to rain tomorrow.
b. *It is raining tomorrow.

The above is the weather topic and the subject is not a person, the intention is not naturally seen. (8a) is acceptable.

But (8b) is unacceptable because PrPro has the arrangement and the weather is not arranged.

"Be going to" is also explained a little with "will" in the next section.

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