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3.1.3. Experiential

This means whether the event occurs or not, and a frequency.

a. I have been to Hokkaido once.
b. I have taken the examination five times.

In the above, "once" and "five times" is used. These means the frequency and the speaker has the sense in view of looking at them from the present. The following is the present perfect form (PrPF) figure.


Especially, (16a) is parallel to the above. The red circle which is the event means once to Hokkaido. It is the past event, but the speaker treats it as the present, this is expressed by the blue line.

Moreover, in the case of the two event, it is as follows.


The two red circles means the two event occurred by the present. (16b) is parallel to the figure. Although many events occur, the speaker looks at them from the present.

Moreover, "once" and "five times" is used in (16), other than them, the frequency adverbs, "often", "sometimes" and "ever", "never" etc, are often used.

Time sensation cut

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